The myApollo® system provides a secure and scalable infrastructure to support cloud computing applications of all sizes. Its revolutionary new distributed architecture delivers fast and highly elastic performance and is structurally impervious to the coordinated attacks that cripple typical big data systems. The myApollo® system provides a comprehensive solution for HPC, object storage, big data analytics, and more at a fraction of the cost of traditional server infrastructure.


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Performance & Reliability

A New Model For Content

The myApollo® cloud re-envisions how content is stored. Every piece of information that enters the system is analyzed so that it can be integrated into the network in a way that promotes the highest security and availability. New content is abstracted into action-based parcels that are distributed and replicated. In turn, every device in the network participates in sharing these actions and ensuring that they are available when requested. Content is dynamically reorganized through the network to ensure the highest availability at the fastest access times. In contrast to a traditional big-data system where content is warehoused in vast object storage systems that are expensive to implement and highly vulnerable to failure or attack, the myApollo® cloud utilizes all of the resources available in the network to create a level of data redundancy that would be impossible with a centralized approach. Even under situations of catastrophic failure, automatic self-healing of the network ensures that no data is ever lost or inaccessible. The action-oriented nature of the content representation also creates a new world of possibilities for application developers. Applications built on top of our patent pending action model enjoy implicit revisioning, allowing their users to seamlessly scroll back through content modifications. Furthermore, myApollo® intelligent application-aware conflict resolution makes it possible to create applications that support extremely powerful real-time collaboration. In short, the myApollo® cloud system uses a brand new model for content storage to offer highly performant and completely secure cloud services at a fraction of the infrastructure cost.

Distributed connectivity

A New Model for Communication

Traditional big data systems employ a many-to-one connection scheme. Client devices connect to a centralized resource to issue requests for resources or content. The challenge with this approach is twofold: the cost of implementing the infrastructure necessary to support even a modestly sized base of client devices is extraordinary. Further, a centralized resource presents a focal point for attacks on the system. The myApollo® cloud system employs a revolutionary distributed approach to connectivity. Client devices interconnect directly to establish a Peer-to- Peer network for transmitting content. This approach does not have a centralized point that can be leveraged by attackers and is implicitly resilient to failure. As nodes enter and leave the


network it continuously reorganizes itself to ensure the fastest and most reliable data transit. The system’s ability to dynamically route data under constantly shifting conditions provides incredibly fast and stable connectivity and next generation proximity based communication allows for the network to continue to function, even in areas where internet availability is poor or non-existent. Most importantly, the most challenging and expensive aspects of traditional cloud systems (i.e., load balancing, global DNS, firewall, etc.) emerge naturally out of the myApollo® cloud system saving money not only on infrastructure but also perpetually on operation and maintenance costs. The landscape of the internet is dramatically changing with the emergence of the IoT and a centralized approach to cloud services is becoming increasingly expensive and dysfunctional. The myApollo® cloud offers not only an immediate savings and boost in performance but also ensures the scalability of cloud applications in the coming years.

Protection through distribution

A New Model for Security

With the rapidly scaling number of internet connected devices, security has become a forefront discussion in the world of cloud computing. With the ability to access our content and services from any location comes the price of exposing it to malicious parties desiring to obtain or damage our information. These attacks are becoming increasingly organized and sophisticated (i.e., the DDoS attack on Dyn in Oct/2016). This has created somewhat of an arms race between attackers and service providers. However, the myApollo® cloud solves this problem at its root. By taking a distributed approach to cloud services, it removes the essential component necessary to stage an organized attack: a focal attack point. In the myApollo® cloud, malicious parties face an insurmountable challenge even in locating the data they are targeting. Even in the event that an attack can be staged, intelligent attack sensing quickly and adeptly reorganizes the network to mitigate the malicious party. Finally, all content in the myApollo® network is protected with the highest industrial standard of encryption, designed with scalability in mind so that encryption algorithms can be upgraded as the standard of computing power rises. This technology provides the foundation for a developer-friendly framework of next-generation encryption tools for security and permissions management. Altogether, the myApollo® cloud has been designed from the ground up with a brand new and scalable approach to ensuring every piece of content in the cloud is completely secure and constantly accessible while promoting a rapid and seamless experience for clients.

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